Geo Digest CBD crude | Sceletium | Ginger Peppermint | Ashwagandha

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Product Description
Assists with: Digestive disorders, heart health, liver and colon boost. CBD crude oil has no mind-altering effects. It is known to offer pain relief and relaxation in the colon. It also benefits heart health. Sceletium has traditionally been used for abdominal pain and its calming and mood enhancing effect. It assists with anxiety and depression. Peppermint calms the stomach muscles and improves bile flow to digest fats. Ginger eases bloating, gas and cramps and increase bowl movement. Ashwagandha improves digestion and normalizes various hormones in the body. Recommended dosage: Take 5-10 drops twice a day. Can increase to 10-15 drops twice a day. Do not exceed 20mg or 30 drops per day. Application: Swirl in mouth until dissolved. Each bottle contains 600mg Cannabis full spectrum oil
Supporting Documents
Geo Greenhealth Presentation July10 Dragged 3
Geo Greenhealth Presentation July10 Dragged